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42 multifandom
[7] lost, [5] lord of the rings, [4] harry potter, [4] robin hood, [2] the avengers, [2] the hobbit, [2] the hunger games, [2] merlin,
[1] other (jennifer's body, arrested development, secret of the moon, teen wolf, the cabin in the woods, game of thrones, community, supernatural, alice in wonderland, sucker punch, sherlock, the big bang theory)

lchallengesmall battle10
battle11 lchallengeatotc1

Just wanted to post these before the year's over. :)
Also sorry for the disorganized mess in terms of fandom category that this post is...

icon battle with wellhalesbells
the hobbit, the avengers x2, jennifer's body, arrested development
12alt battle17 battle1 battle3 battle4 1-5
the secret moon, teen wolf, supernatural, the cabin in the woods, merlin
battle5 battle6 battle13 battle7 battle9 6-10
community, harry potter x2, sucker punch, game of thrones
battle10battle11 battle14 battle2 battle8 11-15
inception, alice in wonderland, lost, the hunger games x2
battle19 battle16 battle18 battle15 battle20 16-20

12 for the icon remake challenge at bestof_icons
robin hood
icon15_edited-1 > icon15_edited-1  > iconremakeguy 21-22
> iconremakevirtue  > nwmmarian 23-24
sherlock, merlin
> iconremakeirene  > iconremakearthur2 25-26
lord of the rings
> irherotwo  irheroone     irherotext2 27-29
the big bang theory, lord of the rings
> iconremakepenny  -> iconremakearwenalt iconremakearwen 30-32

lost x5
lchallengeatotc1 lchallengeatotc2alt lostchallengeround2 lchallengesmall lost 33-37
harry potter
potterchallengesmall 38

lost, harry potter, the hobbit, inception
lost2 battle11alt battle12 battle19alt 39-42

Happy New Year!

+please credit if taking
+comments are love
+no hotlinking
+feel free to watch the comm

Tags: miscellaneous, movie: harry potter, movie: inception, movie: lotr, movie: the avengers, movie: the hobbit, tv: community, tv: game of thrones, tv: lost, tv: merlin, tv: robin hood, tv: sherlock, tv: supernatural, tv: teen wolf, tv: the big bang theory
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